Latitude: 45° 19' N
Longitude: 14° 26' E
British Admiralty Chart: 1996
Admiralty Pilot: 47
Time Zone: GMT +1 h
Locode: HR RJK
Harbour Master: Capt. Darko Glazar
Phone: +385 51 214 031
Fax: +385 51 211 660

Rijeka Port Control: VHF CH 09 (MMSI - 002383500)
Phone: +385 51 333 600
Fax: +385 51 331 295

Mrs. Nela Kleva-Hajdarpasic,
Phone: +385 51 351 132
Fax: +385 51 331 764
Mobile: +385 98 326 053

Port of Rijekais well sheltered harbour with good and safe outside anchorage, situated in the Nort part of Adriatic. Breakwaters are 1.754 m and 420 m. Port entrance is 270 m wide. The width of entrance to Susak Basin is 43 m. Depth at port of Rijeka entrance is about 40 m, in mid-harbour 20 to 28 m, at quays 6 to 10 m. Bay of Bakar, 4.700 m long, 700 m wide, average depth 26 m, at entrance 44 m. Entrance to Bay of Bakar is 400 m wide. Max tidal range is 1,2 m.
Depth at port of Rijekaanchorage is from 30 to 50 m, muddy bottom. However, during NNE gales (in winter months) vessels could be forced to leave anchorage and seek shelter under the lee of the nearby island Krk.

Cargo vessels with non-dangerous cargo may anchor in an area limited by:
West anchorage:
a) 45° 20,0' N; 14° 22,7' E
b) 45° 19,5' N; 14° 24,6' E
c) 45° 17,1' N; 14° 21,3' E
d) 45° 17,5' N; 14° 20,0' E

East anchorage:
a) 45° 19,3' N; 14° 25,3' E
b) 45° 18,4' N; 14° 28,5' E
c) 45° 15,1' N; 14° 27,1' E
d) 45° 16,4' N; 14° 23,2' E

Tankers and vessel carrying dangerous cargo may anchor inside the following area:
a) 45° 17,8' N; 14° 28,2' E
b) 45° 16,2' N; 14° 31,9' E
c) 45° 14,2' N; 14° 29,4' E
d) 45° 15,1' N; 14° 27,1' E


LIQUID - GASA berth for loading LPG situated at Srscica, near Urinj tanker terminal is 68 m long with 10 m depth alongside and can accommodate vessels up to 4.500 DWT. Loading rate is approx. 200 t/hour through a 6" flexible hose.

At present one shore tank (2.000 GMT capacity) for oily/ballast water at Bakar Petrol berth of INA (Refinery Rijeka) only for tankers. Discharging through one 12'' line at 200-300 CBM/h rate. M/T ECOMAR capable to collect 1.000 MT. of oil residues & ballast/bilge water directly from ships and discharging it later on to shore tank at Bakar Petrol berth.
First collection compulsory, subsequent upon request.
IFO 380/180 CTS, MDO and GO available. Delivery by barge.
All kinds of repairs; floating docks for vessels up to 65.000 DWT. Victor Lenac Shipyard operate two floating docks of 24.000 t (201,5m) and 12.000 t (165m) lifting capacity. A floating crane of 100 t. Shipyard Kraljevica operate two floating docks of 8.500 t (155x23,4m) and 1.100 t (64x12,8m).
8 tugs from 1.030 kW to 2.220 kW, equipped for fire fighting.
Rijeka Airport, on the Island of Krk 28 km from Rijeka, Zagreb - 170 km.

Port of Rijeka harbour pilotage is compulsory for vessels over 500 GT.  Pilots - VHF CH 12. Rijeka Radio call sign 9AR, 500 kHz., Radio telephone on 2 m band covering area of N Adriatic sea or by VHF CH 16.
Prevailing winds SE and NE.
Port of Rijeka can accommodate 35 ocean-going vessels and a number of smaller coasters. Rijeka harbour comprises four basins: Rijeka port basin, 2.545 m wharfage, 5 m to 12.80 m depth, for general cargo, phosphates, grain and cereals, ore etc. and includes on its eastern part several berths exclusively for small passenger vessels and on its western part the petrol port for coastal tankers;

Susak port basin, 2.400 m wharfage, 5,5 m to 12 m depth, for timber, general cargo, containers, ore, etc.

Bakar port basin, average depth is 26 m, a bulk cargo terminal for discharging iron ore, bauxite and coal, also one berth for discharging general cargo and loading vehicles, and oil refinery terminal for loading refined products.

Rasa port basin, consisting of Brsica timber terminal, 164 m long wharfage, 10 m depth; Urinj tanker terminal for discharging crude oil and loading virgin naphtha.
Length of rail track 20 km. Electric lights for night work. Rail connections with Central Europe, Italy and the Balkan Peninsula.

Covered surface storage of 113.000 m2 for general cargo, 53.000 m2 for timber, open storage of 150.000 m2. Tanks for discharge of vegetable oil of 3.600 m3. A 57.000 t capacity silos for grain and soya storage with 5.000 t/day unloading rates. Phosphate terminal cap. 15.000 t.

Floating cranes, for heavy lifts, one of 30 t and one of 100 t cap. One bridge crane of 300-325 t cap available under special arrangement. 43 mobile cranes lifting up to 32 t, 130 fork lifts up to 12 t, and 64 electric cranes up to 5 t.

Available alongside only.

Container terminal at Brajdica (Susak basin) 40.000 m2 storage area:  1 quay 163 m long, 56 m wide ro/ro ramp, 10-12 max draft equipped with 1/35 t portal crane.  1 quay 244 m long, depth 11 m, equipped with 3/40 t portal cranes.  Additional equipment: 1/50 t straddle crane, 1/ 35-45 t side loader and tugmasters for ro/ro trailers. Facilities for reefer containers available.

Bulk cargo terminal in Bakar Basin; one 300 m long berth, 18.5 m depth, for vessels up to 150.000 DWT, unloading iron ore, bauxite and coal. Two shore unloaders, 1/16 t and 1/45 t cap. Stockyard capacity 400.000 t. Max draft 17.5 m for vessels up to 300 LOA, otherwise 15.5 max draft.  Max height to hatch covers 16 m.

Port of Bakar basin is integrated port of port of Rijeka. Four jetties for tankers loading derivatives.
Depths up to 9,50 m alongside and up to 10.5 m when vessels are berthed by stern dropping both anchors.
At Urinj one berth for tankers loading virgin naphtha only. Tankers moor stern to quay, heading SW, 70-100 m from shore, 17 m depth marked by two buoys.

Working hrs Monday to Friday 06:30-14:30, 14:30-22:30. Overtime 22:30-06:30 usually can be arranged depending of availability of labourers.
Saturday and Sunday overtime.