Latitude: 43° 30' N
Longitude: 16° 27' E
BA Chart: 269
Admiralty Pilot: 47
Time Zone: GMT + 1 h
Locode: HR SPU

Split comprises of Stobrec and Sjeverna Splitska Luka (N Harbour of Split) including Vranjic, Sucurac (also Adriachem) and Sveti Kajo.

The South Harbour is entered directly from deep water. The approach channel to the North Harbour is deep and marked by lights and light buoys. Large tankers are not berthed at night. LPG tankers berthing during daylight only and with tug assistance.

Port of Split anchorage can be obtained 0,5 miles of the S port breakwater or in the Solin Basin within a circle centred in position 43° 32' 36" N; 16° 24' 36" E
Vessels carrying IMDG cargo and drawing up to 7,5 m should anchor within square limited by:

a) 43° 29'2" N - 16° 29'6" E
b) 43° 29'2" N - 16° 31'6" E
c) 43° 28'4" N - 16° 31'6" E
d) 43° 28'4" N - 16° 29'6" E

Vessels carrying IMDG cargo and drawing over 7,5 m should anchor within square limited by:

a) 43° 27'8" N - 16° 29'6" E
b) 43° 27'8" N - 16° 31'6" E
c) 43° 26'6" N - 16° 29'6" E
d) 43° 26'6" N - 16° 31'6" E

Pilotage in Split is compulsory for vessels over 500 GT. VHF stations are operated by pilots (Ch. 16, 09, 10, 12), port (Ch. 8, 9, 10, 13) and Brodospas (Ch. 14). Split Radio 9AS. Boarding place off the old harbour or if required off Razanj Point light. Chemical and LPG carriers pick up Pilot at position Lat: 43°27.3'N ; Lon: 16° 02' E (1 nautical mile SW of lighthouse Murvica).

The tides inSplit are mainly diurnal and rises up to about 0.6 m, but weather conditions greatly affect the height of the tide. During February-April sea level may fall 0.5 m below normal. The currents are normally negligible. The prevailing winds blow from NE and SE. The NE wind Bora can reach gale force in winter and make berthing difficult in the North Harbour.

Split restrictions are following:
Max draft for general cargo vessels is 10,7 m.
Max draft for grain is 11.28 m.
Max draft for tankers is 10 m.


Only minor quantities of Diesel Oil.

Brodoremont Vranjic, Tel: +385 022 210 666, Fax: +385 22 211 276 Telex: 26319. Floating dock cap of 4500 t. At Trogir, 10 miles W of Split, a floating dock for vessels up to 28,000 DWT. Divers are available.

Tugs up to 1425 kW available. 8 fire fights tugs equipped with Foam-4S (515-2900 kW)

12 km.

WORKING hrs 06:00-13:00, 13:00-20:00. Saturday overtime rates apply.

Slops are acceptable at advance notice (no chemical residues). Dirty ballast acceptable at the rate of 300 t/h at INA Trgovina 5.000 CBM slop tank.

Adriachem (ex Inavinil) Chemical Factory's Quay, 80 m long, vessels with maximum draft of 9.7 m (CLOSED).
Sv. Juraj Cement Factory's Quay, 200 m long. Depth 9.8 m. Mooring buoys off the quay for berthing of large vessels. Sv. Kajo Cement Factory's Quay, 220 m long. Depth from 8.2 m to 6.5 m. Two mooring buoys off the quay for berthing large vessels. Oil Tanker Berth "INA-Trgovina" Depth 10.4 - 11.5 m (34'-37'6''). Also used for bunkering... LOA 200 m, max draft 10 m. Vranjic Basin (N Quay), Length 410 m, Depths 7.6-10.2 m (25'-33'5") off the quay at the grain elevator. Vessels drawing up to 10.5/11.0 m (33'8"-36') are moored a few meters off the quay. Silos capacity 30.000 t. Vranjic Basin (S Quay), length 841 m, depth from 7.1-10.3 m (23'-34') alongside. RO-RO ramp 2,5 m high.


Sv. Nikola Quay and Obala Lazareta Quay length 230 m with depths from 3-4 m alongside. Sv. Petra, length 350 m, depths 4-7m (13'-23'). The quay between these two piers has a length of 190 m with depth of 4m (13'). Sv. Duje Quay, length 465 m, depth 6-9 m (20'-30'). Quay length between Sv.Duje and the breakwater is 167 m long with 4m (13') alongside. The breakwater has at its inner end 230 m quay with depths of 9.0-5.0 m (29'-16') alongside. A sea berth marked by a light buoy is situated in 46 m water and 1 mile SE of the entrance to the South Harbour.

Warehouse storage space 30.000 m2.
Open stocking grounds 150.000 m2.

If ordered in good time, floating crane cap 350 t available. Floating cranes for heavy lifts up to 60 t. General cargo berth at Sjeverna Luka, equipped with electric cranes lifting up to 5 and 7 t. Ore berths equipped with cranes for grab discharge of bulk cargo. Grain elevator cap. 2.500 t daily.


Ramp height 1,90 m above sea level.

Open stocking grounds 150.000 m2. Grain elevator cap 3.000 t daily. Grain silos with 32.000 t cap, 10,20 Max draft at silos. Cement elevator capacity 5.000 t daily. Max draft 9,75 m, Max LOA 200 m. Sulphur in bulk 2.500 t daily.

INA-Trgovina (ex Petronafta) Berth at Solin (NE corner), jetty with two breasting dolphins, 10 m Max d. The total storage capacity is 42.000 t. The hose connections are of 150, 200 and 250 mm, and discharge rate is 300-400 t/h. INA-Trgovina Berth at Solin (N side) used by coasters, 120 m long with depth 6,5 m. Tank capacity 32.000 t. Hose connections are of 150 and 200 mm, and the discharge rate is about 150-200 t/h.

Berth No.1 at S side of Vranjic basin - (Vegoil, Alcohol) 130 m long, 8,5 m depth. Storage tank 6000 t. Hose connection 150 mm, discharge rate 150 t/h. Brizine berth, 8.5 m draft (Army kerosene only).

Dolphin berth, Adriachem Kastel Sucurac, 80 m long, 9.7 max draft (CLOSED).