Port of Rijeka Bakar
Latitude: 45° 19' N
Longitude: 14° 26' E
Admiralty Chart: 1996
Admiralty Pilot: 47
Time Zone: GMT + 1 h

An area SW of Urinj with depths of 54-62 m (30-34 fm) is designated for tankers and vessels carrying dangerous cargo. It is enclosed by the following points:

• 45°14'1N - 14°29'4E
• 45°15'1N - 14°27'1E
• 45°17'8N - 14°28'0E
• 45°16'1N - 14°31'8E

Pilot is on VHF CH 12 (0-24) and Rijeka Port Control on VHF CH 9. Please contact Rijeka Port Control few hours before arrival at Rijeka.
Pilot boarding position:

• 45°16´N - 14° 30´E

The max. tidal range in the bay is normally 1.1 m (3'06''), but the height of tide is much affected by wind conditions. In strong SE winds it may be increased by up to 0.6 m (2') and in strong NE winds, the low water may be as much as 0.3 m (1') below. The currents near the terminals are negligible, but in Vela Vrata the S-going current may attain a velocity of 4 knots during strong NE winds. Winds from NE and SE prevail. During the winter season NE winds Bora can reach hurricane force; SE winds may form waves of up to 3 m in Rijeka Bay.

Available alongside.

Rijeka, 15 km.

Terminal is having ballast/slop tank with capacity of abt 2000 mts and case vessel would discharge ballast qtty of say abt 4500-5000 cbm it would take abt 2 days for discharging agw. Vessel has to declare information of intended quantity of ballast/slop for discharging 72 hrs prior arrival Rijeka. No discounts available.

First collection compulsory, subsequent upon request.

Available by barge from Rijeka on completion of discharge and at anchorage but must be advised at least 48 hrs in advance. Bunkers to be made available direct from piers in near future.

Available locally.

Repairs to vessels of up to 60.000 dwt can be undertaken in Rijeka. The shipyard Viktor Lenac in Rijeka has two floating docks with lifting capacities of 12.000 and 24.000 t respectively. There is one floating crane of 100 t lifting capacity in Rijeka.

Eight tugs of 1.400 - 2.500 HP (1.030 - 2.220 kW) available. Emplyoment of fire fighting tugs for tankers during loading/discharging are compulsory at JANAF terminal only.

All kinds of medical treatment obtainable.

Bakar basin, four jetties for tankers loading derivatives. Depths up to 9,50 m alongside and up to 10.5 m when vessels bow is at anchor and stern moored at jetty. At Urinj one berth for tankers loading virgin naphtha only. Tankers moor stern to quay, heading SW, 70-100 m from shore, 17 m depth marked by two buoys.